Alex Eversbusch

Atlanta, GA |

About Me

Hello and welcome to my Portfolio! My name is Alex Eversbusch. I am a passionate Web Developer and recent graduate of Georgia Tech Institute of Technology with a Full Stack Web Development | Coding Certificate. I am skilled in designing, building, and maintaining websites from conception to production. I enjoy working in a diverse team environment to develop solutions and exceed project expectations.

The bulk of my work experience has been in Landscape Architecture and Civil Engineering where I utilized strong communication, collaboration, problem-solving, project management, and analytical skills. My greatest joy is taking a project from concept to completion, and providing clients with creative solutions to complex problems.


Georgia Tech Coding Boot-Camp

Georgia Institute of Technology

Completed a 3 month Georgia Tech full stack certificate program. Developed proficiency in browser-based technologies including HTML5, CSS, responsive design, CSS frameworks (Bootstrap & Materialize), JavaScript, jQuery, cookies and local storage, and React.js. Implemented deployment technologies including Git, GitHub, and Heroku. Developed proficiency in database technologies including MySQL and MongoDB, and server-side technologies including Node.js, Express, security and session storage, and user authentication. Focused on the MERN stack (MongoDB, Express.js, React.js, Node.js). Applied QA test writing technologies including Mocha, Chai, and Sinon.js, and internet marketing concepts such as SEO and Semantic HTML. Studied computer science topics including design patterns and algorithms. Introduced to Python and Java. Acted as project lead for two of three major projects. Created project expectations and deadlines, evenly distributed work amongst my team and myself, and successfully managed a team of coders to project completion.

April 2019 - July 2019

Landscape Architect Associate

Harrison Design Associates

Focused on site design, grading, storm water engineering, and site engineering. Expertly drafted design and engineering drawings for high-end residential estates from Atlanta to Lagos, Nigeria. Successfully worked with clients to realize design solutions that satisfy both creative vision and restrictive parameters. Effectively collaborated with contractors throughout the construction process and provided technical drawings and documents.

August 2017 - April 2019

Landscape Designer

Butler Landscape and Design

Prospected and met with potential design clients and drafted 100+ design and commercial proposals. Successfully grew company revenue from $1M to over $1.8M in 18 months. Oversaw entire design and installation process from inception to final site inspection. Authored and implemented company design process and branding strategy. Priced designs, negotiated with vendors, and coordinated material orders. Developed a website concept increasing visibility and growth in the current market.

March 2015 - August 2017

Landscape Architecture Intern

Stantec Consulting Inc.

Worked within Landscape Architecture division of multi-disciplenary engineering firm alongside Civil Engineers, and Roadway Engineers. Focused on Industrial Site Analysis and Design. Presented to 200+ professionals as part of regional storm water design competition and won 2nd place.

May 2014 - August 2014


Programming Languages & Tools

  • HTML5

  • CSS3

  • JavaScript

  • jQuery

  • Bootstrap

  • GitHub

  • Heroku

  • MongoDB

  • MySQL

  • Node.js

  • React

  • Sequlize

  • Slack

  • Express

  • Responsive Design
  • DRY Semantic Code & Debugging
  • Good Teammate or Leader
  • Agile Development & Scrum


University of Georgia

Bachelor of Landscape Architecture 5YR Track

Consistently ranked among top 10 Landscape Architecture programs. Gained proficiency in technical skills such as storm water engineering, grading and site engineering. Became competent with technologies such as AutoCAD, Adobe Photoshop, and Google SketchUp.

August 2009 - May 2015

National Outdoor Leadership School

Semester In Rhanikhet, India

Learned skills in a classroom and through scenarios to care for patients in the backcountry when access to medical help is not readily available in an 80-hour course. Backpacked in the Himalayas for 30 days where I learned how to work as a team, overcome adversity, and take care of myself and my group in the outdoors.

March 2011 - June 2011


Wolf Pack

Wolf Pack is a social site for creating and joining social groups. Search packs by category to find a group you want to join. Chat with members in your pack, or create a howl to be found by other users with similar interests. Built with React.


Generate spotify playlists based on lineups for upcoming shows in your area. This app uses the Bandsintown and Spotify APIs. The spotify playlist will be saved to your account.

Music Store

An online storefront simulator. This app includes a storefront where customers can buy items if they are in stock, and a manager page where managers can edit, delete, or add items to the inventory.

Pitchfork Best Albums Web Crawler

An app that scrapes Pitchfork's Best Albums page and provides the user access to the review link, a note taking feature, and the ability to open the album in spotify with one click.

React.js Memory Game

A simple but addictive memory game built using React.js and leveraging state to determine the game logic. Try to select all 12 of the Game Of Thrones house banners without clicking the same one twice. Try to beat your high score if your can't win!

Full Stack Attack RPG

A turn based role playing game in which a user selects a premade character from the database and battles premade opponents in a database. The player must strategize when to use special abilities to win. Themed after a full stack development bootcamp.

Friend Finder

An online dating app simulator. Take the survey, and then see who your closest match is. Uses an API to store users, and Artificial Intellegence ( to generate faces and names.


This Node.js app is a Language Interpretation and Recognition Interface which finds info on songs, bands, and movies based on commands entered into the terminal.

Rock and Roll Trivia

Match the song lyrics to the correct song within the time limit. See your score at the end of the game. Listen to music during game-play.

Crystal Counter

Click on a crystal and add points to your total score. Win by matching your total score to the target score, or lose by exceeding it.